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Note to Self

Sometimes life knocks you down , and that's ok, sometimes things happen that you didn't plan or that was completely out your control and that's ok too. People hurt us, people let us down, bad things happen and it scars us, that's ok too. Sometimes the people we love or the ones closes to us will use your wounds to hurt you, and it hurts you even more, sometimes the people we trust, let us down ...


Leticia Gardner


Ok Listen, I want to clear up the negative view on submission. It is not a sign of weakness to submit to your man you don't lose your identity by submitting to your man, and submitting doesn't mean obeying his every command. There's nothing wrong with being a strong independent woman but let's be honest no man wants a woman who wants to ...

When I discovered my idenity

Leticia Marie Gardner

Mother of 2 beautiful girls! One 12 years old and one 3 years old

Fitness Motivator @Leticiamariegardner

What age I discovered my identity?

I was far in my late 20’s when I discovered who I was. For so long I only did what I had to do to keep food on the table. I was ...